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The Plan

It's been decided. We are moving back to San Diego.

Alyssa and I spent the last year missing our city. We tried the LA thing, and granted we tried it during a pandemic, but still- it just wasn't us. LA was amazing in so many ways, and I have almost all good things to say about it. It's just a preference thing. It's also a money thing. It was mad expensive. We also really missed the beach access in San Diego, the community we've already built, the places you can go with no one around, the breeze, and I really missed the foodie scene. I know LA's got one too of course, but it just hits different in San Diego.

The plan after LA was to live in Puerto Vallarta, MX for a month to see if it could be somewhere we would want to live full time, but no, less than a week in we both found ourselves longing to be back in Daygo.

San Diego is just home.

That being said, we are still planning on taking a little road trip up the West Coast once we get back from Mexico, but mostly it's a stall tactic, because we have nowhere to live at the moment. Also, damn do we miss our dog. Chevy is in good hands with some friends, but I miss that pupp a lot. This road trip will be a great opportunity to spend time with both Chevy and Alyssa in the outdoors doing two of my favorite things: camping and road tripping.

Once we're back in San Diego, the intention is to dive in... Not only pick up where we left off, but excel in all the areas where we were just dipping our toes before. More on that later.

One way I wanna jump in is to really get involved in the artist community again. This past year and a half was just torture for all of us, and now more than ever we really need community. I know I do.

I've been trying to come up with quick ways to make this happen, but the best way I can think of connecting is to facilitate meetups between artists myself. So that's what I'm gonna do.

I've got an events page here on my website that I will be updating monthly, hosting new events each month (for now), but maybe more once I get this going.

I want the meetups to be small so that whomever comes can really have the chance to make some solid connections without the feeling of being overwhelmed in the way I've felt attending large meetups in the past.

I'm really excited about this, so if you're reading this, please sign up to come to one if you're interested in photography and meeting other artists. Links are below!




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