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What am I doing???

This is a new website. Blogging is also new-ish. If you scroll back, I've had bouts of consistency (and inconsistency) in the past with blogging as well, specifically when it was part of my weekly personal projects.

My biggest personal projects I've done were in 2019 with #BlindLocation where I photographed a different person each week in a "blind" location. The other was in 2021 called #OffLocation where I took a large wooden board into nature each week and painted it. Last year in 2023 I also attempted to photograph 300 sunsets. It was the cloudiest year ever in San Diego, so I didn't hit my goal, but I made a hell of an effort.

All of the above projects were fun and really hard. Doing anything consistently is hard really. Like working out- I want abs, but I don't want to exercise them consistently so here I am with no abs.

Anyway, I'm doing another personal project this year, but the goal looks a little different this time around. I'm creating art everyday this year. The goal being to be able to move to New York before the end of the year working as a full time artist.

Theoretically, I could already do this, but I'd be hustling and probably having to take jobs I don't want (assuming I could get any jobs in a new, highly competitive city). But I want to be ready to move to New York. I'd like to be debt-free too.

Basically what I'm doing to accomplish said goal is building my social media presence by posting the art I'm creating everyday.

For the first few weeks, I was literally making a new piece of art everyday, but that really wasn't sustainable, because it was making it impossible for me to focus on the things I really need to focus on in order to build up my portfolio with relevant art, larger projects, work for shows (which I can't really share until the shows anyway), my social media presence, and my newest skillset. And each piece of art I was making daily wasn't what I wanted to be putting out there for the world to see. I want art that is loud and different. Bold.

My skillset right now is being a photographer and creating content. I'm great a social media, advertising/marketing, writing... things like that. That's what I've always done. But I'm leaning into the street art scene now by creating original wheatpastings. I feel like what I did with #OffLocation was a small taste of that in a way, but I was scared of putting anything on a structure/building or even making it in front of people.

Don't get me wrong, it's still terrifying, but I'm just facing my fears with each new piece I put up, and praying I don't get in trouble for doing it.

The ultimate goal with wheat pasting is to be able to do this gorilla type of marketing for pay for artists, brands, companies, hotels, airbnbs, etc. I already have a conversation in the works for my first commissioned piece, so wish me luck on that.

In addition to getting paid to do this, I'd like to sell merchandise to my followers and to the audiences I temporarily gain when I have videos go viral. I'm hoping by the end of the year I have enough work produced that I can put together a book as well.

Now that I've just spewed all of my intentions and goals out for any and all to read (assuming anyone still reads blogs), I feel like I'm just a step closer to making my goals happen. Saying things out loud is how I've always confessed my intentions to the Universe, and honestly, she listens every time and always comes through for me.

So if you're here, enjoy the journey. Thanks for rooting for me. Thanks for your support.


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