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Artist Bio

Hey I'm Sydney Valiente, and I'm an artist currently residing in San Diego, CA. I started as a freelance photographer in my hometown of Sheffield, Alabama, but for the past decade San Diego has been my home.


Though art has always been at the forefront of what I do, I have had a plethora of side hustles to supplement my journey, including working as a skydive video editor in Florida, a ski photographer in Colorado, a barista in Delaware, and a surf photographer in San Diego.


My most recent objective has been to put the side-hustles behind me, and go all-in on being a full-time artist. This transition marks a significant chapter in my career, marking this era as the time when I took a bold step towards fully believing in my creative vision.

My work, showcased on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, embraces a bold and somewhat shameless approach to art. It's safe to say my work knows no bounds, exploring various mediums and styles, resonating with a diverse audience. My willingness to experiment are central to my brand, making my work not just visually appealing but a reflection of my ongoing journey, philosophies, struggles, and sense of humor.

The products I create, from unique street art prints to customized clothing and merch are extensions of my artistic narrative, each piece telling a story or capturing a moment in time in hopes that my audience is able to resonate with my message(s). This merchandise allows followers and art enthusiasts to own a piece of my mind, making them a part of my ever-evolving artistic process.

Through my website and social media presence, I've built not just a brand but a community. Engaging with my audience, sharing my journey, and evolving my art form, my goal is to demonstrate the power of passion and the endless possibilities that come with daring to follow one's artistic calling.

As I continue to evolve and produce new work in 2024, my journey is a reminder of the importance of pursuing dreams and the impact of what can happen when you dare to put yourself out there and share your talents with the world. My story is not just about art; it's about the courage to transform and the beauty that comes with the relentless pursuit of passion.

Thanks for being here and supporting the never-ending process of the artist, specifically this artist. I appreciate you more than I am able to express, and maybe that's the reason I create art in the first place- to visually express that which I cannot with just words.

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