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That Photo Event

I've started holding community events for creatives, and I really love it so far.

Coming up as a photographer back before Instagram is what it is today, there weren't a lot of resources for photographers, and now there are TONS, which is amazing. But, I've learned what helps the most as any type of creative is doing and connecting.

Connecting with other artists gives you a boost in confidence. It lets you see how others are doing the same thing you're doing in their own ways, and it's refreshing to see other creatives creating in a world where we are typically alone with our thoughts and our patterns. We need community.

Also, just by doing the thing you're trying to learn is the best way to grow. The more you create, the better you get.

So that being said, I wanted to facilitate ways for other creatives and myself to connect and create.

So far I've had two meetups. One was a photowalk. And the other was a #BlindLocation group meetup.

I'll elaborate more on both in my next two blog posts, but if you're reading this and you're interested in the connection and creating I'm talking about, come to one of my photo events. I've dubbed them #ThatPhotoEvent, because I'm a hashtag fan.

To everyone who has been a part of my first two events, thank you! I love that these are small and intimate. I feel like it creates a lot more opportunity for connection, which is the point. Hope to see changes in the creative community in San Diego with more and more of these. That's the goal anyway!

Connecting & Elevating Artists.

#ThatPhotoEvent - Photo Walk in East Village

#BlindLocation Group - Bankers Hill/Hillcrest


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