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#ThatPhotoEvent in Bankers Hill

Remember my 2019 project, #BlindLocation? In case you're late, here's the entire project summarized in a video...

With that concept in mind, I wanted to do the same situation for a group! So I put out the PSA that I'm having this photo meetup, asked my beautiful friend Rina Mbofung to model for the group, and planned to end the photoshoot at Sister's Pizza in Hillcrest.

When the day came and everyone had arrived, we closed our eyes, pointed to the map, and went to honestly the easiest #BlindLocation spot possible. Smack dab in the middle of a beautiful park.

The light was incredible. Rina's dress was knockout status. Everything was wonderful. I'm romanticizing it, but it's because meeting with other creatives is just so damn refreshing.

I can report that the event was a success! We had a small group, and I feel like everyone really connected and clicked. The photos were just INCREDIBLE. You can check my Instagram highlights to see the photos everyone took, but here are some of mine:

This has been the highlight of my week. Thank you everyone who showed up with an open heart and a creative mind. Can't wait for more of these!


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