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I'm Back!

Alyssa and I have been back in San Diego for officially one week. I've seen the ocean every single day. We've had TWO bonfires, been to Balboa Park twice, played with Chevy at the bay, hung out with multiple friends, had dinner at Liberty Station, and already had the chance to visit our favorite burrito, sushi, and açaí bowl spots.

Honestly, I'm so damn happy.

I've got some shoots lined up! I've got a meetup planned that I'M hosting! Life is good.

The only downside is that finding a place to live in San Diego right now is extremely difficult. Alyssa has a theory that it's because of the rent moratorium, which I believe is going to be lifted at the end of the month. Maybe then, (unfortunately for some, fortunately for others) we will be able to find a place.

We are just taking it one day at a time, sending literal offerings to the universe (in the form of bonfire manifestation ceremonies), and believing it's all going to work out perfectly.

And I believe that in the deepest parts of me.


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