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Hurricane Nora

I've been incapacitated the last two days due to a migraine, but I discovered Dramamine and its healing qualities. So I'm on the up & up now!

I'm getting really excited thinking about being back in San Diego. It lets me know we are making the right decision to move back. We've both got some work lined up, thank god! I've got two meetups planned, stoked! I'm due to hang out with some friends I haven't seen in awhile, so happy!

Anyway, meanwhile, we are still in Puerto Vallarta, and apparently a hurricane is about to hit us in about an hour and a half. Hurricane Nora. Granted we've had the threat of thunderstorms every single day of this trip, and each storm has lasted a couple of hours, and it floods the street, and then boom, over. Sun's out, water dries up like nothing happened. However, this is the first storm where they have sent out alerts and closed down the harbor and ordered no more boats to sail. So....wish me luck!


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