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Blue-Footed Booby

When I was little, my brother, sister, and I were obsessed with the National Geographic animal cards we were gifted one Christmas by my grandparents. I have such vivid memories of these cards, looking at them over and over again. Each card represented a different animal. There was a photo of the animal and information about it.

At the time, having looked at the cards as many times as we had, we felt pretty knowledgable on these exotic animals from around the world. All of us had our favorite animal, which of course was the blue-footed booby. For obvious reasons we thought this was hilarious the first time we saw it. Plus the bird looked really cool to us never having seen any blue animals before.

Well, a childhood dream came true for me today as I was cruisin' along in a little boat off the coast of Jalisco, when what do ya know, I spotted a blue-footed booby chillin' on the cliffs of Los Muertos.

I yelled and pointed, "Ahhh, that's a blue-footed booby!" The guy driving the boat was like, "Wow, yeah, it is."

I had completely forgotten about the bird and those cards from childhood until that moment, and it all came rushing back into my memory.

Can't wait to tell my siblings.

Can you spot them below?


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