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#BlindLocation - 4

One month of #BlindLocation! So proud. This week's is with Devyn Bisson.

I knew who Devyn was before she knew me. I heard her on Shelby Stanger's "Wild Ideas Worth Living" podcast, and her interview went so well, and I was so drawn to her, that I knew I had to meet this girl. So, we became Instagram friends for awhile, until finally one day I was like, "Chevy (my dog) and I are going to come up to Costa Mesa and hang out with you and Norah (her dog)."

We've been friends ever since. Devyn is so cool. She's a documentary film maker. She's so creative and smart and very easy to talk to... I was stoked when she said she was going to be in San Diego for the weekend. And, naturally, I forced her to do a #BlindLocation shoot with me. It's kind of hilarious. Watch it below, or click the link to watch it on YouTube!

Here are some of the photos we got:

Thank you so much for shooting with my Devyn!!! (And Shane!) We had a blast. Seriously.

Model: Devyn Bisson (& Shane)

Photography: Sydney Prather


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