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#BlindLocation - 52

The Final #BlindLocation is here.

This year was reeeeal slow for me, but looking back at it, I can't believe how fast it flew by. This project GUIDED me, and all of you that took the time to show your love and support, meant everything to me.

I'm sad to end this project, but I'm happy to move forward and on to the next creative project.

Speaking of the end, the final #BlindLocation outdoor gallery show will take place on March 21st, 2020 at Idea1 in East Village, San Diego.

You are ALL invited. Bring friends. Bring your family. If you participated, you are encouraged to come see your photos up on display. It'll be a party. More details coming soon.

Watch the video below to see where I ended up, via YOUR VOTES, for the final #BlindLocation of 2019.

Thanks again fam. I felt the love this year. <3


Well that was fun...

Thanks everyone.

Photography & Video: Sydney Prather & Alyssa Douglas

Video Edit: Alyssa Douglas


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