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#BlindLocation - 49

This girl is so cool! Loved hanging with Ruwayda for the 49th #BlindLocation. We met for the first time during this shoot, and we had a great time in Barrio Logan hanging out and shooting in 2 different alleys. We couldn't have gotten luckier where we landed, because both alleys were very aesthetic.

With Ruwayda's awesome style and the dopeness of the alley, it turned out to be a great shoot.

I really just wanted these shots to be simple. I've noticed simple is "in." Nothing too posed. I wanted a feeling instead of a thought. So I hope we conveyed that in these photos.

Huge thank you to Ruwayda for modeling for me and for Vayunamu for the referral. Vay has introduced me to so many cool people for #BlindLocation, so shout out to you!

ONLY 3 more shoots until 2020! Kind of insane to have made it this far.

Model: Ruwayda Abdi

Photography: Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas


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