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#BlindLocation - 8

This week's #BlindLocation was with Sun-Young. I literally met her the night before at a lifestyle shoot I did for Revolt Wines. She was one of the models there, and she was great in front of the camera, so I was excited she said yes to doing this.


If you've never heard of Revolt Wines, please check them out! We literally just did the rebranding shoot for them, so their website doesn't yet show that they have just switched over from bottles of wine to KEGS of wine! My wife is part owner of the company, and they are going to be doing great things. You can already go try out their wine on tap at three locations in San Diego: Amplified Ale Works in PB, The Chard at Amplified in East Village, and 710 Beach Club.

Shameless plug over.


ANYWAY, the shoot was a lot of fun. To add a little extra challenge, I wanted to try to make Sun-Young look badass, since she's got such a sweet look to her. Check out our video & photos from the shoot with her below.

Thanks for watching & reading. #BlindLocation is posted every Friday. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, and check back for more next week!!!

<3 Sydney

Model: Sun-Young

Videographer & Video Editor: Alyssa Douglas

Photography: Sydney Prather


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