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#BlindLocation - 48

Dusty and I had SO much fun making this week's #BlindLocation.

B L A C K ~ F R I D A Y edition!

I wrote the script with Dusty in mind. He's a comedian, so I thought I'd make a Black Friday spoof for this week. Our only goal was to be ridiculous.

I hope you guys like it. We had way too much fun pretending to be in love with McDonald's. Also, didn't realize until the making of these photos and videos that McDonald's doesn't really have $1 items on the menu anymore. WTF.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and Happy Black Friday!

Thank you Dusty Tunnell for going along with all of my ideas on this!

One cheat photo in front of the signage. McLovin' it.

Photography, Videography, Editing: Sydney Prather


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