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#BlindLocation - 45

This week's #BlindLocation is a little different, because IG won't let me post it on my page. I think I got hacked. Whatever. The show must go on! And it did!... with Seema Clothier.

Seema is very calm, cool, and collected, and I think this photoshoot reflected that. Don't let the calmness fool you though. She can throw down. She's a mom to 3. She works out like a freakin' BEAST. She works a full-time job. She's always traveling. She's a vegan, festival-going, GORGEOUS woman, and I've had the privilege of partying with her in San Diego, San Francisco, and the Dominican Republic, and I can't keep up honestly. haha.

Anyway, we started the shoot out in a random neighborhood we pin dropped in Bird Rock in La Jolla. Bird Rock is a grid of neighborhoods and cliffs overlooking the ocean. We weren't lucky enough to land by the water, but I think we made great use of the spot we landed in.

I used a reflector for most of these shots...which by the way is a lot easier with a second pair of hands. But, we did it! Love the way they turned out.

Oh, and also, since it's La Jolla, and it's known to be the boujee part of San Diego, I thought it would be funny to bring a wad of cash for one of the photos. haha. {LOVE how that one turned out.}

Thanks Seema for volunteering to be my model, and thanks for sticking up for us when that rude lady got mad about us being on the EDGE of her yard. <CALM DOWN- we're in La Jolla.>

Thanks everyone for coming over to my blog this week since I'm not allowed on Instagram for 2 more days! lol. Love allllll y'all!

SOTD: "Money" by Cardi B

Photography: Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas


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