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#BlindLocation - 43

Gettin' frightening this week in the spirit of Halloween! And I have the PERFECT model for this #BlindLocation. Actually, the spooky theme was all her idea, so of course I rolled with it.

Jonna DeLeon is my 43rd #BlindLocation model. We met in Balboa Park a couple of months ago. She works at the little coffee stand in the Prado, and I did my thing where I gave her my card and told her I'd love to work with her. She's got these very Romanian looking eyes & gorgeous hair, which I was drawn to, but turns out she's Mexican. What do I know?

Anyway, Jonna got all into this shoot. She brought some amazing props, and so did I. So with the help of my lovely assistant, Ally Seagrave (#BlindLocation #13!), we pulled off a very creepy Halloween-inspired shoot.

HUGE thanks to Ally and Jonna for volunteering for this. I love the images. LOVE. Makes me want to do more weird shoots.

Here's the spooktacular video and photos below. Thanks for watching, and Happy HALLOWEEN!

Model: Jonna DeLeon

Photographer: Sydney Prather

Assistant: Ally Seagrave

Video Editor: Alyssa Douglas


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