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#BlindLocation - 42

This week I learned that shooting someone on skates is hard. You know how to make it even harder?

Add in some smoke bombs…

without an assistant…

in a location not meant for skating…

with a photographer who knows nothing about the art of roller skating.

That’s what Allie Newton and I did this week for the 42nd #BlindLocation!

We landed in an awesome location! -an alley between the Boardwalk and Mission.

I brought smoke bombs, and Allie brought SKILLS.

Roller skating is so beautiful. Photos honestly just don’t do it justice. The whole time I was wishing I was shooting video of her instead, but still, we got some good shots. A video definitely has to happen in the future.

Anyway, the shoot turned out great, considering how tough it was for me. I would LOVE to shoot more of this style of skating, and I would love to work with more smoke bombs in the future.

When I’m not great at something, I try to become great at it, so just like a lot of my #BlindLocations, this was another learning experience for me.

Grateful for all of the people who have volunteered their time for this project so far. Only 10 more weeks left of #BlindLocation! Then it’s 2020, and who knows what’s next.

Thankful for all you Day 1 fans, all the way down to you that are just tuning in today.

MUCH love. Thanks for watching.

Photography & Video: Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas


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