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#BlindLocation - 39

Jaz is my awesome neighbor I met a few months ago at one of our resident happy hours. We live in an awesome artist community residence in East Village. They host a lot of events, so we were taking advantage this particular evening and hit it off.

A couple of months later, I noticed she was commenting on my #BlindLocation posts, so I asked her if she wanted to be in one. She said yes, and I'm glad she did, because the shots are fire!

She and her boyfriend, Mike, have such an urban vibe, so I knew I wanted the shoot to be downtown somewhere, and I decided to shoot with her at night, so we could get some neon vibes. Hopefully. You know how this works- we don't know exactly where we are going to land on the map.

I will say, we kiiiiind of cheated on this #BlindLocation. It's the first time I've walked more than a block for a shot. But that's all we walked.... a block and a half, so go easy on me. We got our NEON light doe!

Oh, and she's a teacher, so there's some perspective on the badassness of these images. Her IG bio is "Snitching' on kids." hahaha. I kept yelling "TEACH!" at her the whole shoot. Like, I can't imagine any of my teachers from high school in this light (literally).

Love these images. Thank you JAZ for being down! This was her first shoot ever believe it or not. She was something fierce!

Thanks for watching FAM!

Model: Jaz Diaz

Photography: Sydney Prather

Video & Editing: Sydney Prather


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