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#BlindLocation - 37

I love shooting with people I've never met. Shooting with Indya for this week's #BlindLocation was my first time meeting her, and she was lovely. A lovely young woman and model. Can't wait to see where her modeling takes her.

My only real goal was to incorporate some funky colors in Photoshop to these photos, and I think the final product is a lot of fun. None of them are really supposed to look alike or go together, which is non-typical of a normal shoot for me, where I have all of the photos evoke a similar feeling.

That's one of the fun things about this yearlong project. It pushes me to try new things. I actually really like painting in her clothes in post, and I think that's something I'd like to try again. If you're a photoshop expert, yeah, I probably didn't do it the easiest or best way, but I'm ever-learning some Photoshop, so go easy on me!

Anyway, thank you Indya for being DOWN! You were so much fun to shoot and hang out with. Thank you everyone who watches/reads/gazes at these each week. I'm so grateful to each of you. Leave a comment on my IG and let me know which shot is your favorite!

Photography, Videography & Editing: Sydney Prather


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