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#BlindLocation - 34

Super chill vibes on this #BlindLocation with Irene Kwangaba. She was such a delight. And I say the word, because it's the right one. A sweet spirit, fun to hang with, and fun to shoot. I had a great time on this early morning #BlindLocation in Golden Hill.

I was hoping for some colorful walls and textures for this shoot, but of course since it's "blind," we ended up somewhere I completely didn't plan on. But it really worked out, because the goal was to use color palettes to create a feeling, and lucky for us, Irene brought clothes that matched the flowers, tall grass, and accented the wooden garage doors & random display of cacti across the sidewalk.

All in all, I thought this shoot turned out really beautiful, and I can't wait to shoot with this girl again! She's wanting to model, so if you're a photographer (and not the creepy kind), hit her up!

Video & Photos below!

Photographer: Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas


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