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#BlindLocation - 33

We ended up in my all-time favorite type of place to take photos this week-- a parking garage! It was perfect too, because it was with a very talented musician, Lianna "Lele" Rose Dosik, aka @leleondakeys. (BTW, I pronounce her name wrong in the video. SORRY! It's LEE-LEE)

Her wardrobe consisted of something out of a rock-n-roll tour with the Rolling Stones, and I was stoked on how this shoot turned out.

Guess what--we got kicked out of this place too. If you've been following along, you know that's 3 weeks in a row. We on a roll y'all!

On this shoot, I simply set out to create an edgy, city vibe, and I think we did a good job of that. It helps when the wardrobe is right, and it helped that Lele was so down for everything I said to do.

Love these! Thank you Lele for modeling for me. Thank you Alberto for referring her to #BlindLocation. I've really enjoyed meeting new people this way.

Oh, and PS- Lele is playing at the Horton Hotel tomorrow (Saturday) night. Go check her out! I'll be there! The song in the video is HER song, "Do Me Right."

Model: Lele Rose

Photography & Video: Sydney Prather

Video editing: Alyssa Douglas


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