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#BlindLocation - 30

#30 with Cody Seeger- the guitarist of The Frets band! I've taken photos of him and his bandmates a few times now, so I thought it was cool he was up for another shoot. I sincerely appreciate everyone who takes the time to shoot each week with me for #BlindLocation. It's a labor of love.

Anyway, I wanted to go grungy on this shoot, because The Frets are a rock n roll sounding group, and we landed in a pretty odd place in Crown Point, but it worked!

I also used a direct flash the whole shoot and edited these to be grainy to create that Kurt Cobain feeling. We were just missing the drugs and alcohol haha. jkjk.

Cody is an athlete, so it made some of the jumping shots so easy and he's used to being in front of a camera and people in general, so the shoot was cake. So stoked with the way these turned out.

Thank you CODY!

Music: The Frets

Photography & Videography: Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas


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