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#BlindLocation - 3

We're on the third Friday of the year, and this week's #BlindLocation was with Becca Wyant! I met Becca last year at a creatives' camp called FieldTrip. She's really cool- 100% hipster. Go look at her website- all about cocktails... you'll know what I mean. She's also a photographer and an artist (she can draw & sing & write & probably something else I don't know about). Again, go to her website.

Anyway, we landed in a neighborhood in North Park, right when the sun had dipped, so this shoot was mostly shot in the dark. It was tough-not gonna lie, but we managed to get some cool images from it.

Watch the video to see where we ended up, how we got the shots, and how dorky we both are.

Here are the final photos:


Photography & "Video": Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas

If you want to be a part of #BlindLocation, comment below or contact me via email or Instagram! I have 49 more to go!


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