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#BlindLocation - 28

I love this kid so much. Hailey is like a little sister to me. We've been neighbors and roommates and friends. She and her mom are these amazing people the universe put in my life, and I'm so grateful for their friendship.

Hailey is 12 going on 18. An old soul with the mellow-ist of attitudes, I wanted to show her old soul side and her child side in these images, and I believe we did a good job of that. The challenge was to shoot from above and below but nothing straight on, so in all of these images either I'm standing above her, or she is standing above me (except for the 2 images below of her with the leaf over her face- oops, we forgot.)

Thanks Hailey for being my 28th #BlindLocation. This one was shot in an alley in La Jolla and was a lot of fun. =)


If you watch the video & have read this far, please go to my Instagram page and comment so I know you're watching. Thank you!!!


Model: Hailey Doane

Photography & Videography: Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas


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