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#BlindLocation - 27

Vayunamu is my model this week! I met her at a photography/networking event called Picture Partay, and she was there as a photographer, but she quickly became one of the models, because she's so dang photogenic.

I LOVE these photos we got.

The challenge was she wasn't allowed to touch the ground for any of the pictures. We nailed it. I cannot wait to shoot with her again.

Thanks for watching each week everyone, and if you want to be a part of #BlindLocation, whether a model or a sponsor, please contact me on my Instagram page!

I'm just in love with these photos. I love when non-models are actually for-real models. And I love being able to show them that with my camera.

Thank you Vay!!!!!

Photography & Videography by: Sydney Prather

Video Editing by: Alyssa Douglas


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