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#BlindLocation - 24

Have you ever met someone that was just genuinely kind? No matter what is going on, they're smiling. Good vibes. Positive energy.

Don't you love those people?

Me too. That's the kind of person this week's #BlindLocation model is. Rachel Harris volunteered to help me on my future #BlindLocation shoots. She asked if she could hold things or help with props, and I was like, "No, come BE my model."

Since she's always happy, I told her I wanted to show the other side of Rachel. Everyone's got that other side, the serious/dark side. The one we don't always show to the world, but it's there, because that's life.

She is a YES person, so she said YES, and the shoot was so much fun. I really love the images.

Thanks for modeling for me, Rachel, and thank you to everyone who tunes in each week!

Photography, Videography: Sydney Prather

Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas


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