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#BlindLocation - 23

This week I was in Memphis! My dad and my brother came to visit me from Nashville, and we did a #BlindLocation together. Josh was my model. Dad was my videographer. We didn't end up in a very "Memphis-looking" place, but we did end up outside of their baseball stadium, which was cool.

[By the way, side note, they shot off thousands of dollars worth of fireworks from that baseball stadium the night before. Like, it was the most insane fireworks show I've ever seen-- better than any 4th of July. Way to go Memphis Redbirds! haha.]

This was a very chill #BlindLocation. We all stayed out late listening to music and hanging out the night before, so we were tired, but we still got some beautiful shots of Josh and one funny one at the end.

Thanks you guys for reading and watching each week. Leave a comment on my Instagram if you're watching. It means a lot to me!

Thanks Josh & Dad for your help this week!


Modeling by Joshua Sadler

Photography & Video Editing by Sydney Prather.

Videography by John Prather


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