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#BlindLocation - 21

Today's #BlindLocation is with Alyssa Pedrozo-Marquez. She's a brand new mom, and her little guy was around most of the shoot (not pictured until the end).

We ended up behind some warehouse type buildings without a lot to work with, but we still had a chill shoot.

My goal this week was really simple. I just wanted to cut off body parts. Sometimes it looks really bad when body parts are cut off, but sometimes it works. You've just got to be intentional with what you're trying to portray when you hide parts of the body. I'm always thinking "Why?"

Thanks for watching each week. I'm sure I'll eventually talk during these shoots, but I just have been in an all-music-no-talking kind of mood. So, I'm rolling with it!

Photographer, Videographer, Editor, all the other things: Sydney Prather


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