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#BlindLocation - 2

Today's #BlindLocation is with Rob Cowan! I met Rob at a meetup called Beers & Cameras, and we've kept up with each other via Instagram since then. Rob is a film NERD! He knows anything and everything there is to know on the topic. He's so in love with film that he started SafeLight Labs where you can develop your own film! It is set to open in February. Right now they are trying to raise a few more dollars to get this up and running, so please support the arts, and click here to donate even $5+ to Rob's amazing photo lab.

Film is not dead. This was all taken on a digital camera though- a Sony A7sii. Most likely all of the photos I post will be taken on that, unless specified.


Thanks again for being my model, Rob!

Model: Rob Cowan

Video (shot & edited): Alyssa Douglas

Photography: Sydney Prather


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