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#BlindLocation - 19

Life isn't easy right now. I'm going through a lot of painful changes, so I'm turning to music and art and movement and as much laughter as possible.

I've been listening to Khalid's "Free Sprit" album on a loop, letting it just speak to me over and over again, and that's where a lot of this inspiration for today's shoot came from. That and Pinterest.

Once again, music comes in and holds my heart. Maybe that's who God is. Maybe he's music.

Anyway... this shoot was so amazing. I did a lot of design/Photoshop stuff to these, but honestly they would have been perfect without anything extra. I just wanted to stick to my plan. What I didn't plan was how awesome of a model Ellie would be. So talented this girl. Follow her on IG to see more.

Thanks for watching everyone. Please go to my Instagram page and leave a comment on my #BlindLocation post if you went to my website. Thanks fam!

These images are so next level to me. Amazing how this project started with a little idea. Love this project and love your support. <3

Photography, Video & Editing: Sydney Prather


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