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#BlindLocation - 18

Usually I have someone taking and editing my #BlindLocation videos, but this week it didn't work out, so I was left doing all the things myself.

My model, Kris, helped me out a lot too, so HUGE thank you to Kris for not only helping me but going with my vision on this one.

SEVERAL hours went into this week's project (because I'm not video editor), but now we have a beautiful, 18th #BlindLocation. Also, fun fact: This is the shortest #BlindLocation video so far, and the photos took me the longest to edit.

This week was different. Watch and see.

Kris took all of these images & wrote the text.

Below is the MoodBoard for this week's shoot. Not too bad. ;-)

I've put a lot of work into #BlindLocation so far this year. I've never stuck to something so long, and I attribute that to the fact that I've never had a routine in my life. Thank you everyone who watches these each week. Your comments mean a lot. Like, more than you know. I am inspired by what you say, and I love the feedback. Thanks for supporting me. Love you all. <3


Model: Kris Cervantes

Photographer, Videographer, Video Editor, Writing: Sydney Prather


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