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#BlindLocation - 17

This was the most last-minute #BlindLocation I've done, and it was because I had a few cancellations this week, due to life. But I'm SO grateful for Carty & Morgan who volunteered to help me TWO days before this was due!

Carty took video during the shoot, and she also brought my model, Morgan, who I met seconds before the shoot.

I tried to keep this video short and sweet! But the photos look really damn good, and I'm super proud of them.

This week is just about how to take everyday household object and incorporate them in your photoshoot to create some unique portraits. This is so easy. Everyone can take good portraits. It's just about experimenting.

Hope you enjoy!

Photo Props

Thank you again Carty & Morgan! You girls saved the day. I really appreciate you helping me pull this together!


Model: Morgan

Videographer: Carty

Video Editor: Alyssa Douglas

Photographer: Sydney Prather


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