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#BlindLocation - 15

Ila...Number 15. I very randomly met Ila by way of her boyfriend, whom I met while I was out drinking whiskey with a friend. He was there at the speakeasy, working, and I did what I do when I think someone is beautiful... I walked up to him, told him he was beautiful, and gave him my card.

He and I still haven't met up to take photos, though we have met for coffee. But, his girlfriend, Ila reached out to me online after hearing of our new friendship, and asked if she could be a part of #BlindLocation.

I loved the randomness of this, and I hope that more #BlindLocations manifest this way.

Ila's pin drop landed us under a bridge on some railroad tracks, and though the location was really cool, it was surrounded with dirt- brown dirt, and I really don't like the way brown dirt looks in photos. So, in these edits, you'll see a lot of shots in black and white, and that's because dirt looks great in black and white. This is just my preference, obviously, but to each her own.

Ila was a ray of sunshine. So happy and fun and full of energy. We all became instant friends.

Hope you guys like this #BlindLocation where we talk about Perspective, or, another way to think about how and why you take a photo.

As always, thanks Alyssa for filming and editing the video, and thank you Ila for modeling for me. <3

Videographer & Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas

Photographer: Sydney Prather


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