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#BlindLocation - 11

I tried something different this week. I did what I normally do for all of my normal, non-BlindLocation shoots, and I created a Mood Board. Watch to find out how we used it and how much easier this shoot was because of it.

This week's #BlindLocation was with Sadie Eversole. Sadie and I are both from Alabama, so we had that in common right from the start. She's a new friend, and I'm super happy to have met her, because not only is she cool, she's also an AWESOME MODEL!

I really really love the images we created together. It took everything in me not to post these before today, because I was so excited about them.

Next week, I'll be talking more about how I create my mood boards and the process and just the overall why I do what I do. Stay tuned, and thanks for watching.

Video & Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas

Photography: Sydney Prather


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