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Big Sur

I used to have a lot to say, but now I do a lot more thinking than saying.

Sometimes that bothers me, but I'm slowly making peace with it.

Maybe I'll become one of those mysterious artists that doesn't say much but produces the most mind-blowing art.

Or I could be the kind of artist that does things like rents a cabin alone in the middle of Vermont for a month just to get a bunch of art made.

Until that day comes, I'll just be the artist I already am- one that's growing each day and learning each day. One that's still a little self-conscious and over-critical of her work. An artist that still feels like an imposter calling herself "an artist" knowing full-well she is one.

And if one day never comes, I hope that I can make peace with the fact I have beautiful dreams of what an artist looks like, whether I end up being her or not.

I've been in Big Sur this past week, and Big Sur makes you think about stuff like that.

All that vastness has the ability to make someone think about how tiny they are in the universe.

But it can also make someone realize how big they have the potential to be.


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