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#OffLocation - 9

I finally miss photography. I needed to miss it. It's what I've been waiting for.

You know that dumb phrase that says "to get over someone, you get under someone else"? That's kinda what this feels like.

I took time away from photography, got under painting, and now I'm over whatever funk I was in. Not exactly the same analogy, but it kinda vibes.

I have several photoshoots already scheduled. I'm not quitting painting though! Although I do plan to change directions a little bit later this month. You'll see.

Anyway, about this week's #OffLocation: Chevy joined me for this one while I painted in the mountains. I've found lately that I dread doing these for whatever reason, but once I start, I have a good time.

I try to remember the reason I started this project- to see if I could grow as an artist beyond photography, to be in nature, and to have fun experimenting using a new medium. As long as I'm still aligning with those goals, I feel good about what I'm doing.

So, in case you wondered, I'm feelin' good.


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