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#OffLocation - 17

I'm not cutout to be one of these solo artists.

This project has been fun, but it doesn't make me excited anymore. It doesn't get me out of bed. Nature is great, but I have discovered through working alone in it that I truly need people around me. I need the city. I need the buzz.

Tbh, I got sick of people for awhile. It's easy to become cynical, especially during this past year when lives were lived mostly online rather than in-person. And I became a little jaded from the constant cynicism found online. I wanted nothing to do with people, so I thought I'd paint instead of photograph. I wanted solace, so I looked toward nature and solitude.

There's nothing wrong with that really. But, I got my fix, and I learned through this process that relationships with people are what moves me. I can choose to focus on the beauty in people, rather than the parts that are ugly. Photography helps me do that. It's what inspires me, and I'm really grateful I've rediscovered that.

Painting/Mixed media work has been a fun process, and I'm going to continue, but I don't want to do it every week anymore. I want to do it when I feel moved to do so.

Of course, y'all know me- I already have another weekly project idea in the works for 2022, plus additional creative ideas to fill up the rest of 2021. I'm gonna focus on what brings me joy for the rest of this year... people.

This project, #OffLocation, has inspired me to try new things.

It's reminded me that change, experimenting, and questioning are all good things.

It's made me respect the stillness of nature and its quiet, sweet song.

It's made me appreciate my wife more, who has filmed every single project so that I could share a video each week with you guys.

Lastly, #OffLocation has reminded me that it's ok to take a break and try something new, even if you fail.

Not that I'm saying I failed. I don't really believe in failure.

So, with that, here's to a successful 17 weeks of #OffLocation. Thank you everyone who has said anything nice about my short, little adventure. I'm not quitting, I'm just not going to do it weekly anymore. Thanks for watching.

Moving right along... ✌🏽

Video by Alyssa Valiente.


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