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#OffLocation - 8

I knew it was bound to happen eventually. It's just a 3mm piece of wood. I strap it to the top of my Prius each week with 4 tie downs and cross my fingers the board doesn't snap in half, get pooped on at a stoplight, or fly off my car as I'm driving down the LA freeway.

This week, I'm not sure what happened, but the painting was destroyed by a purple substance. I have a guess... The straps I use to tie down the board are dark blue, so I think some water got on them, which caused a purple dye to run out of them, and then it ran down my painting, grabbing some leaves to add to it on the way.

Anyway, painting ruined! Look at the end to see the damage.

But you know, it's ok. I'm not too bummed. The purpose of this project is to experiment, progress as an artist, and enjoy nature. I still checked all my boxes this week.

Video by Alyssa Valiente.


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