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Year of the Dragon

I love a new year, even if it's someone else's. New beginnings...ahhh. Like new school supplies. A time to start over, a time to dream.

I don't know if the Chinese think that way too or if I'm just a big nerd, but either way, today was the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration.

To honor the holiday, I wanted to make something to get San Diego interested in the celebration, so I made 27 "Good Luck charms" from some photos I took a few weeks ago as one of my art projects. I created a design to go on top of the images, printed them, wheat pasted them to a thicker paper, and then I stuffed them in envelopes I had from my last visit to New York's Chinatown.

I think they turned out so cool, and these are my first-ever limited edition prints, numbered 1/27 through 27/27.

I put them all over downtown San Diego with a video of each location, posted them to IG, and then the hunting began.

I had several people find them and tag me, which I wasn't expecting. It was a super cool project, and I'm definitely going to do it again in the future.

There are probably more still out there, but who knows. I didn't make them hard to find, so there's a chance people have found them that didn't know to tag me. I'll have to add my IG to the back next drop.

If you're reading this and you participated, thank you!!! It was super fun for me seeing all the participation. Totally amped me up for the next one. Enjoy your good luck charms!!!!

Happy Year of the Dragon everyone!!!!!! It's gonna be a good one!!!!!

Art Hunters!


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