This multimedia piece wouldn't be possible without the nine volunteers you see in the final art. Special thanks to each one of them.



I believe everyday is an opportunity to invent a new scenario for our place in this world. Each day, we get the chance to create different ways to interact with ourselves and others.
We’re allowed to vibe with the world tomorrow differently than we did today.
We get to start over. Start again. Fail a little. Fail a lot. Try something. Learn something. Give it our best shot. Change our minds. Grow.

Isn’t that a little mind blowing when you think about it? You don’t have to be that person you used to be or even the person you are right now. You get to make you up!
The only person who controls your destiny is you.
So, this piece was designed with the person in mind who desires change. If that's you, this is your sign to make it happen.


Photographic prints:

100% Cotton Fine Art Matte Paper - 325gsm -

9" x 9"

10" x 10"

12" x 12"

15" x 15"

Clean Slate