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Alyssa & I write down memories all year & put them in this jar. We read them on Jan 1st of each new year.
2021 Memory Jar

I took this long break from all things social media, including blogging, which I had barely gotten into. The break from Instagram has been amazing. I'm saying "break," but truthfully, I'm off of it most likely forever. So much of my time has been freed up, and it feels good to check my screen time on my phone and see that it's gone from 6-7 hours a day to 3 or less.

With all of my new time, I've worked my ass off with photography projects, somehow being blessed with ample opportunities since freeing up my brain from Instagram. I've also started flipping furniture on OfferUp, cooking more, writing more, READING!, going outside more, and I've even been eating healthier. I think there's something about having more time that helps my brain make healthier decisions.

In addition to doing all of the above, I've been able to strengthen some of my relationships with texts and phone calls and even hanging out in-person here and there.

Dropping IG hasn't been easy by any means though. I went through pretty bad withdrawals weeks 1, 2, and 3. It's still habit to have my phone with me everywhere I go- even the bathroom, knowing full-well I have nothing to do on it anymore, other than check emails. But that's the thing about habits- ya gotta break them if they aren't good ones.

I also struggled with feeling lonely for the first few weeks. I was used to constant conversation in the IG DMs, but without the platform, if I want to talk to someone I've got to call them up or text them. It's much more intentional now, which is actually better overall. So, though I've grappled with the feeling of being "forgotten" or "irrelevant" and consequently, lonely, at this point I feel more alive than ever. And I mostly contribute that to dropping social media.

The new year helps too. I love a fresh start. Starting over is my jam. I've moved several dozens of times throughout my 34 years of life, and I've become quite good at new beginnings. I embrace them, even.

I'm excited for 2022. I have about 30 goals for the year. Probably more, but I haven't counted. Setting a lot of goals is typical of me. My thoughts on that are that I'll accomplish more things if I set a lot of goals, rather than just one, two, or none. Even if I accomplish half of the goals I set out to hit, that's a lot of accomplishments.

I've got daily goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals, and overall goals for the year. Some are little, like read a little everyday. Some are big, like hike the tallest peak in California (something I haven't even researched yet).

I guess my mentality is just, Why Not?

There are so many other things to talk about, but attention spans are short, and I'd like to make a little progress on these things before I announce them.

But I will, soon. Stay tuned, and Happy New Year.



P.S. Here's a few iPhone shots of what I've been up to. Hover over them to read the captions.

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