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#BlindLocation - 1

I'm so excited to post my first Blind Location video & photos for 2019! I started this project because I was inspired by a recent shoot I did with Isaiah for 5 & A Dime, where we had no location in mind before the shoot, so we ended up just taking random turns in my car until we arrived at our shoot location- a laundromat.

I thought that was pretty cool, so the idea for #BlindLocation was born.

Every week in 2019 I'll be taking volunteers (friends, acquaintances, and IG Followers) to a location we've never been and maybe isn't so appealing, and we'll be doing a photoshoot there.

The goal is to show that the location isn't what makes you a good photographer. The model isn't either. It's creativity. It's the way we think about our subject, surroundings, and equipment.

I'll be showing tips and tricks along the way, and hopefully it will inspire a few of you.

Check in every Friday for the latest vlog.

Final Shots:

Model & Video Editing: Alyssa Douglas

Photographer: Sydney Prather


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