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January 2024


6th & G,
San Diego, CA

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Our last property managers raised our rent 10% two years in a row. We went from paying $2950 for a 2-bedroom to them wanting $3600.

At that rate we would be paying $1000 more than our original lease agreement in just 3 years of living there.

No wonder the streets are full of doped up people who have lost all hope.

It’s time to change the rent increase laws in California. I LOVE California, and I respect the hell out of real estate and the opportunities it creates for investors, but the rate increase of 5% a year “plus inflation increase” (which they end up making around 10% total) isn’t sustainable for San Diegans.

I can’t tell you a single person I know that has only one source of income in this city. Not a single person. And if you can name someone, they probably have roommates. Everyone at minimum has a side hustle in addition to their main source of income. I’ll leave it at that.

So, NOW WHAT? What can you do??

I have two solutions:

#1-Take Action!

Take 10 minutes to go to and tell Todd Gloria & Gavin Newsom to help San Diego by changing the rent increase laws.

I'd suggest encouraging them to make a vacant property tax to incentivize real estate companies and landlords to come down on the high prices of rent.

Please don’t make demands. That isn't the way to get anything done.

Instead, tell them your story.
Tell them your struggles with living paycheck to paycheck. Or your friend’s experience working three jobs or how your parents had to come out of retirement to make ends meet.

Show emotion. Spill your guts. And please be kind. You catch more flies with honey.

#2-Put up the posters in your city. (I recently added two more designs when a follower suggested a solution to the problem was to tax vacant properties and another follower pointed out the growing rent issue in Hawaii.)

If you are located in San Diego or Hawaii, contact me in my website's submission form with the subject line "Rent Too High." I will send you a pdf of these flyers for you to save, print, and wheat paste or tape these designs in your city. You can be from any city, though, and still use the designs appropriate for where you live.

*Try to find a temporary structure to place these on to avoid trouble with law enforcement. Please keep in mind that without permission this is illegal, so post at your own risk. Good luck.

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