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Having someone take photos of your family can be exhausting, but it should be fun. It can be a rigid process, but it should be playful and have a good flow. 


I've witnessed photoshoots where one parent is yelling at her kid to smile and the other wishes they were anywhere but here. I see this as a flaw in the family photography industry, and it's been my goal to make family photos fun with a laidback, behind-the-scenes style of taking photos.


The way I've done this is by taking out the serious nature of a photo shoot.


Here's what to expect in your photo session with me:

1- We will NOT be wearing matching khakis and white shirts, but you will look great, because I will help you color-coordinate before the day of your photo session.

2- We will not be posing the whole time. Instead, we will come up with an activity for your family to do so that everyone is happy and having fun with each other during the shoot.

3- I will not make your kids smile, but I promise you they will.

The goal for you is to have fun. The goal for me is to take photos that are so beautiful they're the ones your kids show their kids one day.

If you are looking for traditional, posed portraits, I am not the photographer for you.

Yes, we will get some of those, but you will also be getting all of the in-between, candid moments.


I am going to truly document your family as they are right now in 2023. Abigail's broken wrist, Devon's love for his baby sister, Joni's curiosity about the ocean. I'll photograph the good, the bad, and the ugly, but I'll show you the beauty of it all.

Shooting with me is a simple 4 step process...

3 Packages:


$600 for a 1-2 hr shoot

1 Location

1-2 Activities

2 Outfits

Up to 6 Family members

($25/person after 6 people)

Great for your yearly family photos. The activity serves the purpose of helping everyone relax and be themselves, and it makes it possible for me to capture the best candid moments. 

Time Capsule (1/2 Day)

$1200 for up to 4 hour shoot

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Activities

Unlimited Outfits

Unlimited Family members

If you have a bigger activity planned, like a birthday party or going to SeaWorld, this is the package I'd recommend. Also a good option for *family reunions!


*no weddings.

Day-in-the-Life (Full Day)

$2200 for up to 8 hour shoot

This package captures a day-in-the-life of your family. A day looks like whatever you normally do when the family has time together. (ex: Saturday morning breakfast, getting ready, playing outside, leaving to run errands or do something fun (like going to the zoo or beach), lots of laughter, some tears, and SO many candid moments. This will be a true time capsule of your life as it is right now.

Thanks for submitting!

Book your Family's Summer Photoshoot Today!

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