I was gifted my first "real" camera when I was 16. I started selling images the next year to the football players, cheerleaders and band members at my high school. I consider that my start.

I got my education from the University of Alabama where I received an interdisciplinary degree in Photojournalism, Art Photography, Creative Writing, and Cultural Studies. I was and have always been curious about the story, which is a nice way of saying- I ask a lot of questions.

Since school, I've explored pretty much every kind of photography you can think of, but what I've always come back to is the photos that tell a story.


I primarily focus on editorial & headshot work now, creating content for people, businesses, and brands.


More recently, since Covid, I've been focusing on creating art that doesn't involve people. I've been painting. I feel like it's my way of telling a new, abstract story, left up to interpretation by the viewer.


I've always dreamed of being a painter, picturing myself in a studio with high ceilings, art stacked all around the floors, wearing overalls covered in paint. That's my current pursuit.


Please email me for bookings & commissions. Thanks for your interest in my work.



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